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Disorienting Clarity

About a year ago I read Diane Williams's "Four In Prose" in Harper's Magazine, and I could not get it out of my head. In her characteristically brief fashion, Williams uses all of fiction's signposts but sends readers off into another dimension entirely where meaning hovers just beyond the brink of understanding. This is true… Continue reading Disorienting Clarity


Into the Woods

Nathaniel Hawthorne added the "W" to his name because of shame. His family was among the first Puritan settlers of Massachusetts, and one of his ancestors, John Hathorne, was a judge in the Salem witchcraft trials of 1692. In his fiction, he strove to keep "the inmost Me behind the veil," yet like all writers he couldn't… Continue reading Into the Woods


Gratitude For An Audience

Well, the story's over. When I draft short stories, I usually let them run, drafting them in a matter of days once the initial idea finally takes hold (i.e. when I finally move beyond the page or so of notes and sketches that I usually begin with). Writing "Peel Away" as a series of posts, however, allowed the… Continue reading Gratitude For An Audience


Attempting Myth

The following passage opens a short story I'm working on called "It Has Always Burned." The working title suggests the central theme, which is the idea that every technology, even our very earliest one, results in unintended and often disastrous consequences, the illusion of control, and wrong-headed hubris. That we don't fully know the story about how… Continue reading Attempting Myth