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Rhythm, Sound and Sense

Words are fun. In an interview with Kendrick Lamar, the rapper talked about the pleasure of molding words to his own purposes, twisting them so that they rhymed or almost rhymed. Internal rhyme, end rhyme and rhythm are the backbone of rap and have been the site of the genre's most noticeable innovations beyond, of… Continue reading Rhythm, Sound and Sense


A Faint Signal Is Heard

When I opened up Processed Product a moment ago I had to wipe off a layer of dust at least an inch thick, but now everything seems to be in working order. The novel has been taking up most of my writing time, but in those moments when I'm stuck or I just want to… Continue reading A Faint Signal Is Heard


Simple, Changed

Writing my first novel has been a struggle. I drove straight through a first draft in a little over a summer and re-wrote it almost entirely the following summer, finishing it, finally, in early 2014. Yet after rereading the second draft, I knew it still needed work. The first draft began after a podcast about Daoism inspired an opening… Continue reading Simple, Changed


Get Out of the Way

Stephen King writes that writing, when it's good, is "inspired play" for the writer, and he also claims that stories pretty much make themselves. Yet letting this happen this requires trust. And confidence. Some novice writers imagine themselves as puppeteers, controlling characters in order to make them do their bidding. "Yes, my little pets, we will take over… Continue reading Get Out of the Way