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Escaping Influence

A few weeks ago I wrote about my most recent writing's similarities to Cronenberg's body-horror flicks from early in his career, and the thought, once I'd put it into words, wormed its way all the way down the street to the library, where it forced me to borrow The Brood, Videodrome, and Naked Lunch. I'd… Continue reading Escaping Influence

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Constant Revision

John Steinbeck once wrote that you should not get caught up in the language or style of a piece but should instead just plow through and worry about fixing everything up later. As a practical strategy for just getting ideas on the page, this is excellent advice. In order for a story to work you… Continue reading Constant Revision


Same Words

Depth of experience fashions a groove in your brain that plays again through analogy. A 'like' experience serves as a reminder that literally brings the experience to mind. Our minds, being imperfect analogue devices, recreate the experience as best as possible with the result being more like the ghost at the other end of Edison's machine, a simulacrum… Continue reading Same Words