Criterion’s One Criterion: A Unique Selling Proposition

So many claims made by ads are either too easy to see through or just plain unappealing. Long gone are the days when I felt tempted to swing by a drive-thru on my way home from work; ditto for my brand allegiance to almost anything aside from Adidas, and even then I don't re-up until… Continue reading Criterion’s One Criterion: A Unique Selling Proposition


Hour of the Wolf (1968)

"A minute is actually an immense space of time." My favorite moment from Ingmar Bergman's "Vargtimmen" (Hour of the Wolf) comes nearly halfway through the film. For the viewer, it is a test of faith offered by a artist assured of his craft who knows full well that time is the beating heart of film.… Continue reading Hour of the Wolf (1968)


Revisiting “Mulholland Drive” (2001)

The true mark of a great film is how long it stays with you after it ends. You wonder about it and replay it in your mind's eye--the opening shot, the ending, the scene that was lit and framed so beautifully, the score. A great film will also hold up to repeat viewings, though for… Continue reading Revisiting “Mulholland Drive” (2001)