Finishing Move

I stumbled upon this earlier today. A student in one of my classes used Mortal Kombat as one of several examples of how shock sells, the others being 50 Shades of Grey and Miley Cyrus. The discussion began with a video clip of John Waters talking about his artistic principles, which he claims he arrived at… Continue reading Finishing Move

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What Words Can Do

I'm still reflecting on Ursula Le Guin's speech at the National Book Awards last week. Because she's an Oregon writer, it received even more attention here in Portland, and the standing ovation she received at the end of the speech was well-deserved. She threw in the barb that writers relegated to genres always throw in when… Continue reading What Words Can Do


Seeing Pieces of Yourself

I can't get with the Romantics. The Victorians either for that matter. I appreciate them like I appreciate orchestral music, and I have the best intention of delving back into Dickens the next time I have a large chunk of reading time available, but most of the time I'd rather shoot an albatross. Blake I like,… Continue reading Seeing Pieces of Yourself


Diverting the Muse

It should be obvious that if you want to create art, you must study it. A photographer must study photography, a musician must understand music, and a writer who never reads will never produce anything worthwhile. To put a finer point on this, we might substitute devotion for study, for that is the truth of it: you must… Continue reading Diverting the Muse